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Welcome to NEXON Energies Group

NEXON Energies Group is a developer of utiliy-scale solar power plants. Originated in Germany, NEXON Energies grew to become a multinational group with 13 presences across 4 continents. Our Traditional business model is based on the consultation, designing, engineering, installing and operating of solar power plants.

With more than 17 years of experiance in the development of large scale solar projects and world leading players in the solar PV industry as its shareholders, NEXON Energies initiates, develops, constructs and operates utility-scale solar power plants. We are partners with ERDM, the largest solar module factory in Mexico and other financial institutions. 

 Nexon Energies Offices around the world

Core Business

NEXON provide solutions for major utilities worldwide both in industries and governments. We offer unique solutions by providing financial analysis, system design, utility interfaces, finance alternatives, system installation and maintenance of solar PV systems. We integrate technology, services and expertise across the entire value chain of a solar power plant. 


Our Mission is to deploy clean, reliable, affordable renewable energy all around the world. We belive that the world can be powered 100% with renewable energy. With our experiance and expertise as pioneers in the field of renewable energy, we develop utility-scale solar power plants, that are charecterized by a high level of efficiency and engineering. Our solar power is produced at a lower cost than energy generated by fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. 

With an exponential increase in global population as well as the need for technological advancement, the demand for energy is skyrocketing daily leading to an eminent shortage and an up-shoot in the cost of energy. The traditional fossil sources of energy are being depleted, rising in costs or causing conflicts between nations and people. NEXON is thus committed in transforming the supply of energy to clean and affordable solutions in order to reduce the carbon footprint.

Core Values

We are your competent partner for all parties involved in the development and operation of solar power plants. Our approach is to install systems to the highest engineering standards.. In dealing with all our clients, we demonstrate professionalism and respect.

Goal and Strategy

Our goal is to make clean green energy available to all our clients at a lower cost than all other alternative energy providers, without compromising on high level engineering standards.
Our strategy is to transform and diversify the production and distribution of energy to all at cost-effective rates.

The team
The management of Nexon Energies GMBH comprises of highly qualified technocrats in the energy industry.
Hans S. Kammler
Chairman Nexon Group, Director of Nexon Power Solutions Ltd
Shareholder and supervisory Board Chairman Nexon Group, Vice Chairman of Nexon Energies East Africa SARL/Ethiopia PLC and Kenya LTD
Grace Kiroko Kinya
Grace Kiroko 
Legal Management

Our business

Our business
Engage our professional teams in transforming and diversifying the production and distribution of energy to all.
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